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Perth, welcome to Neo Interior Design

Hello! I’m Lauren Stephenson and I am the Creative Director of Neo Interior Design.

Coming from a family of designers, I have naturally had a love and flair for interiors.

I started my journey in the furniture and tiling industry, enhancing my product knowledge. Then after 10 years of learning and studying interior design, I established Neo in 2015.

I quickly realised a lot of my clients couldn’t visualise how products and colours would look in their homes and all they needed was someone from the outside looking in, with an eye for detail. Once I started to see how happy my clients were from the end results, I realised I had found my passion.

“I truly care about the end result and how your home makes you feel, your home should represent your personality and it’s my job to make it as beautiful, functional and practical as possible. I style every home like it’s going to be featured in a home magazine and I always go above and beyond for my clients.”




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"Aaron Sansoni Entrepreneurial Award"

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Design your interior to be timeless, sustainable, efficient and beautiful.

My design career started in the furniture industry over 10 years ago originally to educate and grow my product knowledge in furniture, styling and materials.  Not long after, I studied interior design at the Central Institute of Technology, Perth.  This pathway quickly lead to a career in visual merchandising for numerous high end furniture stores around Perth.  On completion of my studies I continued as an interior design consultant for an exclusive WA owned and operated company where I specialised in custom furniture and decor styling.

Neo Interior Design is here to transform your house into a home using all the knowledge and experience of the past 10 years.  I love creating a space that you can be proud to entertain friends, family and guests while being a functional, comfortable and content sanctuary to come home to.


“Our mission is to guide people together through connected interiors with tailored personality, along with consistent flow, style and direction that brings a sense of delight, calmness, and serenity. In a busy world that can be fast-paced and chaotic at times we tend to live in a world where we work so hard in our everyday life, we believe in always rewarding and investing in ourselves to create a beautiful home to celebrate life in.

It’s important to understand we deserve to live and surround ourselves in a tranquil and bliss environment that makes us feel grounded and safe. To enjoy a home to relax and connect with family and friends, whilst feeling proud, and comfortable.”

Introducing the Neo Team

At Neo, we provide clients with solutions that work now and for years to come. Our employees work with autonomy, mastery, and purpose to create work we can all be proud of. We believe in striking the right balance between work and play, treating everyone at Neo as a trusted family member.

associate & interior designer

With over seven years’ experience in the property and interior design industry, from start to finish I work closely with our clients to create their dream spaces, encapsulating their vision and goals for their homes by delivering 110% to achieve long term design value solutions, whilst offering timeless appeal and making the whole process seamless and enjoyable.

My aesthetic blends with organic and raw earthy elements with relaxed neutral hues, soft curves, and texture to create light and airy spaces that curate appeal and a sense of calm both personally and professionally. I bring a unique sense of creativity, clarity with positive attitude to Neo and love to stay updated with all the designer trends and styles which allows me to innovate it through our projects and continue to make homes beautiful by thinking outside the box.

bree howie
director's assistant

I’m a graduate Interior Designer with 2 years of experience in the tiling/interior design industry. I like to think of myself as the powerhouse of Neo, the behind-the-scenes hustle that brings everything together, from the initial consultation to our final product!

Being involved in the creative process and working closely with our team members is what makes my heart sing. I bring a fun, bubbly energy to our studio, keeping all projects organised, managing furniture orders, and obtaining value.

I have a broad creative approach to the business also doing our photography and graphic design, this way we have a cohesive flow over the brand.